Latin American Studies offers an exciting and diverse undergraduate major, one of the few area-studies majors at Penn State. The major requires 43 credits; an undergraduate minor is also offered with a 30-credit requirement.


The degree is offered by the College of Liberal Arts and includes courses in the departments of Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science, and Spanish and Portuguese, as well as the Geography department in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. Required courses are Anthropology 45, Economics 14, History 178 & 179, Political Science 456, Portuguese 001, and Spanish 200, 131, 400, & 476, but substitutes can be made for courses not offered in a particular semester (see the Director or Advisor for Latin American Studies). There are also a number of LAS-related Education Abroad programs.  If you have any questions regarding the suggested courses or would like to know if a certain course would be approved, e-mail the program director, Dr. Sophia McClennen at


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The major and minor in LAS are designed to be combined with other majors and minors to create a multidisciplinary degree that will enrich the student¹s educational experience at Penn State and be appealing to potential graduate programs and employers. Most LAS majors go on to law school or graduate school; others find jobs with corporations that have Latin American interests or with US government agencies such as the NSA and State Department.


Starting in Fall 2009, Latin American Studies also offers a graduate minor.


The minor offers students the ability to study the region of Latin America from an interdisciplinary perspective and is open to students from across the University. It is housed in three departments: History; Comparative Literature; and Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Graduate students from across the University are encouraged to participate. Students who are admitted to the minor will develop courses of study suited to their special interests. The minor for each student will be planned jointly by the student, the student's doctoral adviser, and an adviser designated by the Latin American Studies committee. Any change in the plan must be approved by both advisers. A minimum of 15 credits must be completed, with a minimum of 6 credits at the 500-level. Per graduate school regulations for the minor, a representative of the minor will participate on the student's doctoral committee.

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